Call for Papers - escar Europe conference 2019

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Overview and Topics 2018

Information technology is the driving force behind most innovations in the automotive industry. Today, even compact vehicles have a few tens of interconnected microprocessors with up to several hundred megabytes of software and integrated communication capabilities to the outside world. The situation is similar for commercial vehicles such as trucks and off highway vehicles.

One crucial aspect of many IT applications in vehicles is IT security. Whereas IT safety is a relatively well established (if not necessarily well understood) field, the protection of automotive IT systems against manipulations has more recently started to emerge. At the same time, security will be an enabling technology for many – perhaps for most – future automotive IT applications. IT security will increase both, reliability and safety, while enabling and protecting various new business models.

The escar conference has established itself as the premier forum for information, discussion and exchange of ideas in this innovative field. As in previous years, the program will include invited talks and submitted papers in the following areas.

  • Security engineering, formal methods, development & validation tools, security standardization and security economics for automotive domain
  • Security of vehicle-driven business, maintenance and service models
  • Identity theft, privacy and data protection issues in vehicular settings
  • Vehicular hardware security and hardware security modules
  • Security of vehicular on-board, passenger, and V2X communications
  • Security of software downloads and open vehicle application platforms
  • Security of vehicular component protection solutions
  • Security of legal car applications (e.g., event data recorder, tachograph)
  • Security of road pricing, restricted areas access and vehicle monitoring
  • Security of vehicle theft prevention and theft response solutions
  • Security of vehicular rights control and audit (e.g., feature activation)
  • Security of future vehicle applications (e.g., electric cars, ITS)
  • Security for other transport systems (e.g., railways, aerospace)

Instructions for Paper Submission
Theoretical/scientific articles, case studies and descriptions of real-world experience are welcome. All submissions will be peer-reviewed. Prospective authors should contact one of the steering committee members in case they have a doubt about the appropriateness of their submission for the conference. Two types of submissions are possible.

Full papers of up to 15 pages:
This can be, for example, new research results, case studies, or state-of-the-art reports. The value to the escar community should be clearly demonstrated.

Extended abstracts of 3 full pages: This category is geared towards contributions from industry and government. These will consist of presentation only – no full paper will be required. The abstract must be at least 3 full pages and should clearly outline the content of the planned presentation and its value to the escar community.

Important Note 1:  Extended abstracts of less than 3 full pages will be rejected without review.  Marketing driven submissions and submissions that lack details to enable a review were not well received and almost always rejected in the past.

Important Note 2:  For both submission types the text must be in English with a font size of at least 10pt.  Submissions must be anonymous with no identifying features on the submissions (such as obvious references).

Submissions must be in PDF format and will be accepted at escar’s submission site.

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