The workshops are taking place November 19th, 09:00am - 12:00am.
They are held parallel to our social program and are not overlapping with the presentations. The conference starts November 19th 01:00pm.

In order to guarantee a good workshop atmosphere and for you to be able to gain new insights or deepen your knowledge successfully the number of participants is limited to 35 in each workshop.

Workshop Fee
EURO 299,00 (plus VAT 19%)

Please note: the workshops are not included in the conference fee.

More information regarding the content of the workshop will follow soon.


Workshops 2018:
Workshop 1: Foundations of Automotive Cyber Security (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Pelzl, University Hamm-Lippstadt)

Cyber Security is becoming an essential part in the development of electronic components for cars. Engineers must anticipate several forms of attacks on vehicular systems to prevent non-authorized access to both safety-critical functions and data and development processes have been adopted to take major security requirements into account.
Applied cryptography constitutes the foundation of most practical solutions and requires knowledge of cryptographic primitives, protocols, parameters, cryptographic hardware, key management and specific automotive constraints. This workshop on Automotive Cyber Security provides the necessary background on the fundamentals of IT-Security from a practical and theoretical perspective, focusing on topics relevant for the automotive domain. Practical examples will be provided throughout the workshop.

Outline of the workshop:

- Introduction to Automotive Security
+ History
+ Challenges of the automotive domain
+ How to evaluate security

- Fundamentals of IT-Security
 + Cryptographic algorithms and protocols
 + Standards and choice of parameters
 + Security in hard- and software
 + Key management

- Automotive Security
 + Typical use cases
 + How to develop a secure system

Workshop 2: E/E Security in Cars (Ramona Jung, ESCRYPT GmbH)

Securing the E/E architecture of modern vehicles has become a hot topic in the automotive industry. Cutting-edge technology advances not only introduced new business models as, e.g., over-the-air updates and vehicle-specific software activation, but also increased the driving comfort (e.g., by smooth integration of customer end devices and head-up displays), and even enabled vehicles partially overtake human intervention during the driving process.

The new use-cases result in enhanced security requirements on ECUs and E/E architectures. A holistic automotive security concept for E/E architectures considers not only secure communication between external (e.g., backend) or internal (e.g., sensors) components, but as well challenges caused by, e.g., the introduction of automotive Ethernet and new E/E architecture designs. More concretely, automotive security encloses methods used to prevent the malicious deviation of the implemented functionality of the system by guaranteeing the confidentiality, integrity and/or authenticity of relevant assets of the E/E architecture (as e.g. the software). In this workshop, we will give an overview about the state of the art in this area and how security is currently integrated in E/E architectures. A special focus will be devoted to ESCRYPT’s model of multi-layer approach. The multi-layer approach defines security to be implemented at different levels: from single components over secure internal communication and isolation of safety relevant functionality up to secure communication channels to external entities. Concrete measures enabling to protect E/E architecture will be addressed, such as secure boot, secure flash and secure on-board communication. Finally, we will approach upcoming topics, such as Ethernet security, virtualization and service oriented communication.

No special knowledge of automotive security is required for this workshop. Some experience with basic cryptographic tools is however recommended.