In the following you find information on 2017. An update for 16th escar Europe 2018 will follow shortly.

Workshops 2017

The workshops are taking place November 7th 09:30am - 12:30am.
They are held parallel to our social program and are not overlapping with the presentations. The conference starts November 7th 01:00pm.

In order to guarantee a good workshop atmosphere and for you to be able to gain new insights or deepen your knowledge successfully the number of participants is limited to 30 in each workshop.

Workshop Fee
EURO 299,00*
* plus VAT 19 %

Please note: the workshops are not included in the conference fee.

Workshop 1: Automotive Risk Assessment (Prof. Dr.-Ing. Jan Pelzl, University Hamm-Lippstadt)

Abstract: The increasingly interconnected nature of vehicle’s electronic control modules require safety and security. Engineers must anticipate several forms of attacks on vehicular systems to prevent non-authorized access to both safety-critical functions and data. Development processes have been adopted to take major security requirements into account. Compared to well-know and widely established processes such as SPICE and ISO26262 however, security still is quite new to the automotive domain. Yet, no widely established standards exist. Within this workshop, we will provide the basic principles of modern security engineering for automotive. Threat analysis, risk evaluation and definition of security requirements will be discussed. Practical examples will be provided throughout the workshop.

Outline of the workshop:
Introduction to Automotive Security
- Security properties of automotive systems
- Security standards

Security Engineering
- Basics of security engineering
- Example for an automotive security use case

Risk Analysis
- Target of evaluation
- Misuse cases, security assets and objectives
- Threat analysis - Risk evaluation
- Security requirements

Case Study
- Risk Assessment for an exemplary automotive security use case

Workshop 2: Security in E/E Architecture (Dr.-Ing. Antonio Almeida, ESCRYPT GmbH - Embedded Security)

Outline of the workshop:
State of the Art, Sec. in current EE-Architectures

Our Model of a Multi-Layer Approach
- Network
- Architecture
§ Firewalls
- Connectivity

Upcoming/Future Topics and their security needs/concepts
- Ethernet Security
- Virtualization
- Service Oriented Communication
- Domain Oriented Architectures
- Zone Oriented Architectures
- Vehicle Computer Architectures


“Connected Product Security” Workshop

The day before 15th escar conference isits AG presents a security workshop at nhow Hotel (conference venue) open for everyone.

06. November 2017 | 12:00pm – 17:30pm
Sky Lounge | nhow Hotel Berlin | Stralauer Allee 3 | 10245 Berlin

Workshop Fee: 399,00€ plus VAT

Workshop Agenda:

Basics of IT security in computer networks
- ISO/OSI vs. Internet network stack and technologies
- IP-based communication protocols
- Terminology and frameworks in IT security

Basics of authentication and authorization in connected systems
- Effects of communication paradigms on IT security
- Benefits and limitations of different authentication and authorization mechanisms

Secure Communication
- IP-based communication protocols
- TLS security in the real world
- IoT protocols: IT security challenges and possibilities

12:00pm – 13:00pm | Lunch
13:00pm – 17:30pm | Workshop
Lecturer: Sascha Schmidt, ESCRYPT GmbH - Embedded Security

Registration via isits AG Website: