Welcome to escar USA conference 2022 - Embedded Security in Cars!

 June 15 – 16, 2022 - In-person event, Ypsilanti, Michigan (Detroit)

escar is the leading automotive cyber security conference and escar Europe is celebrating its 19th anniversary. After a virtual escar USA in 2021 we look forward to meeting again in person for the 9th escar USA 2022 on June 15 – 16. As always, escar USA will bring together industry, academia as well as government organizations. The technical program will feature leading international experts in the area.

Modern automobiles are complex cyberphysical systems, interacting with their passengers, the environment, infrastructure, and each other in rich and subtle ways.  Nearly every system in a modern vehicle is computerized, and the complexity and degree of interaction of these systems is increasing dramatically.  The automotive ecosystem is incredibly complex with deep supply chains and a complex regulatory environment.  Automotive cybersecurity is a crucial, many-faceted topic that has aspects in common with traditional IT security but also has many automotive-specific elements.
The overall objective of escar USA is to provide a forum to encourage collaboration among private industry (e.g. OEMs, suppliers, vendors), academia, and government (e.g. DOT, NHTSA, DoD, DHS, European Commission) regarding modern in-vehicle cyber security threats, vulnerabilities, and risk mitigation / countermeasures.

An important aspect of escar USA has always been the opportunity for information exchange, networking, and collaboration within the automotive cyber security community. The event setting and timing will allow for interaction among attendees to define research needs and exchange ideas for building a cyber security knowledge base in the automotive industry.

For 2022, ESCRYPT will again be isits AG’s event partner and organizer of escar USA.