Welcome to escar USA conference 2021 - Embedded Security in Cars!

May 12 - 13, 2021 – Online Virtual Event

escar is the leading automotive cyber security conference and escar Europe just had its 18th anniversary. The 7th escar USA in 2019 was a tremendous success and we look forward to hosting escar USA 2021 on May 12 – 13 as a virtual event. As always, escar USA will bring together industry, academia as well as government organizations. The technical program will feature leading international experts in the area.

Modern vehicles have become complex digital devices, which can contain over 70 electronic control units (ECUs), a host of both wired and wireless interfaces, actuators and dozens of sensors that produce immense amounts of data. The next phase of automotive technology will blend multiple signals and add information from the cloud to help a vehicle “think” and act in a way that keeps consumers connected and makes their lives easier. Therefore, automotive cyber security is becoming increasingly important.

The overall goal and objective of escar USA is to provide a forum to encourage collaboration among private industry (e.g. OEMs, suppliers, vendors), academia, and government (e.g. DOT, NHTSA, DoD, DHS, European Commission) regarding modern in-vehicle cyber security threats, vulnerabilities, and risk mitigation/countermeasures.

An important aspect of escar USA has always been the opportunity for information exchange, networking, and collaboration within the automotive cyber security community.  Although virtual, we will provide a platform that allows interaction among attendees and a forum to exchange ideas for building a cyber security knowledge base in the automotive industry.

For 2021, ESCRYPT will again be isits AG’s event partner and organizer of escar USA.