Conference Program escar USA 2018


A detailed time table of the two days conference will be online soon!

Invited Talks 2018:

Amit Elazari, UC Berkeley
Atul Prakash, University of Michigan
Vlad Gostomelsky, Spirent Security
Allan Friedman, US Department of Commerce
Matt Carpenter, GRIMM
Junfeng Fan, OSR Lab
Jeremiah Dewey, Rapid7
Nate McFeters, NCC

Accepted Papers 2018:

Marc Weber, Georg Wolf, Bastian Zimmer and Eric Sax, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Online Detection of Anomalies in Vehicle Signals using Replicator Neural Networks

Eduardo Dos Santos, Dominik Schoop and Andrew Simpson, University of Oxford
A Simulation-based Framework for the Security Testing of Autonomous Vehicles

Nathaniel Boggs, Ang Cui, Jatin Kataria and Philippe Laulheret, Red Balloon Security
Automotive Exploitation Sandbox: A Hands-on Educational Introduction to Embedded Device Exploitation

Jeremy Erickson, Mel Savich, Shibo Chen, Mert Pese, Shengtuo Hu and Z. Morley Mao, University of Michigan
CommPact: Exploring the Feasibility of Autonomous Vehicle Contracts

Alyssa Milburn and Niek Timmers, Riscure B.V.
Efficient Reverse Engineering of Automotive Firmware

Jeremy Daily, The University of Tulsa and Ben Gardiner, Cloakware for Connected Transport by Irdeto
Cybersecurity Considerations for Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders

Ramiro Pareja and Santiago Cordoba, Riscure
Fault injection on diagnosis protocols

Liron Kaneti and Jesse Sultanik, Argus Cyber Security Ltd.
Automotive SOC - Concept Description

Muhammad Tayyab, Azeem Hafeez and Hafiz Malik, University of Michigan
Clock Phishing Attack on Clock Based Intrusion Detection Systems for CAN Protocol