About ESCRYPT - escar conference partner

ESCRYPT GmbH is the leading system provider for embedded security world-wide. ESCRYPT has extensive expertise in embedded security and is familiar with the major industries.

ESCRYPT provides a complete range of services from consulting to security products and solutions tailored for specific industries.

ESCRYPT as a product security system supplier is able to offer all products and services to deliver individual solutions for following use cases:

  • Security and firewalling for E/E architectures
  • Security for Remote Diagnostics
  • Security for Internet of Things (communication), for example smart meters, production facilities, car to X communication, telematics etc.
  • Security for SW updates (including update over the air) plus related rights management
  • Security for pay per use business models (/ Feature Activation / App management)

ESCRYPT is able to analyze and improve the security of your existing product, or to help designing a new product generation from the beginning, implementing state of the art security.