Program Committee and Lectures - escar Europe 2010

Program Chair

  • Christof Paar, Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany
  • Jan Pelzl, escrypt, Germany

Program Committee

  • Bhargav Bellur, GM, USA
  • Harald Eisele, Adam Opel GmbH, Germany
  • Martin Emele, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany
  • Walter Franz, Daimler AG, Germany
  • Utz Gnaida, BSI, Germany
  • Wolfgang Höfs, European Commission, Belgium
  • Daniel Jiang, Mercedes-Benz R&D, USA
  • Sebastian Kaluza, BMW AG, Germany
  • Frank Kargl, University of Twente, Netherlands
  • Fritz Kasslatter, Siemens AG, Austria
  • Paul Kompfner, ERTICO, Belgium
  • Antonio Kung, Trialog, France
  • Tim Leinmüller, Denso Automotive GmbH, Germany
  • Daniel Ohst, Toll Collect GmbH, Germany
  • Christoph Ruland, University of Siegen, Germany
  • Tobias Schöllermann, BMW Research, Germany
  • Katharina Seifert, Volkswagen AG, Germany
  • Franz Stadler, Continental Automotive GmbH, Germany
  • Roland Stein, IABG mbH, Germany
  • André Weimerskirch, escrypt Inc., USA


  • Protection against Counterfeits using Embedded Security
    Jan Wendenburg, Dirk Kunert, Germany
  • State of the Art in Software Security
    Peter L.A. Roelse, Irdeto
  • IT-Security Challenges in e-Mobility
    Marko Wolf, escrypt, Germany
  • Cooperation Efforts between EU and US (tbc)
    Wolfgang Höfs, European Commision
  • A Security Model for Future Vehicular Electronic Infrastructures
    Authors/Speakers: Christoph Krauß, Gerrit Grotewold u.a.
  • Application of the concepts of controller and processor to the European Electronic Toll Service legal framwork
    Christophe Gouens, Jos Dumortier, Kathleen Janssen
  • Mobile Machine Operation in Underground; Networks and the Security Question
    Andreas Noack, Christoph Müller
  • Configurable, Seucre, Open Immobilizer Implementation
    Paul Lepek, Atmel Automotive
  • Immobilizer Security
    Karsten Nohl
  • Security evaluations for Automotive IT-Systems
    Timo Gendrullis, Jaap de Vos
  • Synergetic Safety and Security; Improving Efficiency and Dependability
    Frank Strasser, Christian Ehrer, Hendrik J. Ptzer, Marko Wolf
  • Ensuring Trust in autonomous EFC Sytems
    David Bakker
  • Formal Analysis of Privacy for Vehicular Mix-Zones
    Morton Dahl, Stephanie Delaune, Graham Steel

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