Program Committee and Lectures - escar Europe 2011

Program Chair

  • Christof Paar, University of Bochum, Germany
  • Marko Wolf, escrypt GmbH, Germany


Program Committee

  • Bhargav Bellur, General Motors, India
  • Claudia Eckert, Fraunhofer SIT, Germany
  • Harald Eisele, Adam Opel AG, Germany
  • Walter Franz, Daimler AG, Germany
  • Oliver Hartkopp, Volkswagen AG, Germany
  • Yih-Chun Hu, University of Illinois, USA
  • Daniel Jiang, Mercedes-Benz Inc., USA
  • Paul Kompfner, ERTICO, Belgium
  • Stefan Kuipers, Sogeti B.V., Netherlands
  • Brigitte Lonc, Renault SAS, France
  • Hisashi Oguma, Toyota ITC Ltd., Japan
  • Adrian Perrig, Carnegie Mellon University, USA
  • Ken Peirce, General Motors, USA
  • Carsten Schmal, Audi AG, Germany
  • Elmar Schoch, Volkswagen AG, Germany
  • Franz Stadler, Continental Automotive GmbH, Germany
  • Stephan Stilkerich, EADS Deutschland GmbH, Germany
  • Markus Ullmann, BSI & University of Applied Sciences Bonn Rhine-Sieg, Germany
  • André Weimerskirch, escrypt Inc., USA
  • Benjamin Weyl, BMW Group, Germany



  • Security Analysis of a modern Car
    Tadayoshi Kohno, Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington, USA
  • CANAuth - A Simple, Backward Compatible Broadcast Authentication Protocol for CAN bus
    Anthony Van Herrewege, Dave Singelee and Ingrid Verbauwhede
  • Asymmetric Cryptography in Automotive Access and Immobilizer Systems
    Johann Heyszl and Frederic Stumpf
  • Physical Attacks against Authentication Tokens or: How to Walk into Garages and Subways for Free
    Timo Kasper and David Oswald
  • The EVITA Project - Securing the Networked Vehicle
    Benjamin Weyl, BMW Group, research and technology, Germany and Hendrik Schweppe, EURECOM, France
  • A Hardware Security Module for Engine Control Units
    Oliver Bubeck, Jens Gramm, Markus Ihle, Jamshid Shokrollahi, Robert Szerwinski and Martin Emele
  • Trust Anchors in Automotive Security
    Author/Speaker: Denis Noel
  • Analyzing the Security and Privacy Vulnerability of Emerging Wireless via Software Defined Radio: A Tire Pressure Monitoring System Case Study
    Wenyuan Xu,Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of South Carolina, USA
  • A new Approach to Security in the Embedded World
    Boubker Elmouttahid, McAfee GmbH
  • Risk analysis of the CARDME concept
    Guillaume Dabosville
  • Towards a comparable evaluation for VANET protocols: NS-2 experiments builder assistant and extensible test bed
    José Munera, José Maria De Fuentes and Ana I. González-Tablas
  • Side Channel and Fault Injection Attacks on Embedded Systems
    Jop de Haas, Bartek Gedrojc, Pascal Van Gimst and Harko Robroch
  • TCG specification activities: From PC-TPM to trust and security in automotive
    Hans Brandl, Trusted Computing Group, Infineon Technologies AG, Germany


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