Program Committee and Lectures - escar Europe 2012

Program Chair

  • Christof Paar, University of Bochum, Germany
  • Christian Schleiffer, ESCRYPT GmbH, Germany


Program Committee

  • Simon Burton, ETAS Ltd., UK
  • José M. de Fuentes, Univ. Carlos III Mad., Spain
  • Achim Fahrner, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany
  • Tom Forest, General Motors Research & Development, USA
  • Benjamin Glas, Robert Bosch GmbH, Germany
  • Oliver Hartkopp, Volkswagen AG,Germany
  • Di Jin, Chrysler Group, USA
  • Andreas Knuth, Daimler AG, Germany
  • Stefan Kuipers, NXP Semiconductors, Netherlands
  • Tim Leinmüller, Denso Automotive GmbH, Germany
  • Brigitte Lonc, Renault, France
  • Hisashi Oguma, Toyota ITC Ltd., Japan
  • Ken Peirce, General Motors, USA
  • Carsten Schmal, Audi AG, Germany
  • Elmar Schoch, Volkswagen AG, Germany
  • Franz Stadler, Continental Automotive GmbH, Germany
  • Stephan Stilkerich, EADS GmbH, Germany
  • Frederic Stumpf, Fraunhofer AISEC, Germany
  • Markus Ullmann, BSI & University of Applied Sciences Bonn Rhine-Sieg, Germany



  • Driving Automotive Middleware Towards a Secure IP-based Future
    Bouard | Glas | Jentzsch | Kiening | Kittel | Stadler | Weyl
  • Secure Integration of Mobile Devices for Automotive Services
    Kochanek | Holz | Dardanelli | Zanero | Maggi
  • Challenges in embedded key management
    Matthias Küster, escrypt GmbH
  • MaCAN - Message Authenticated CAN
    Hartkopp | Reuber | Schilling
  • LCAP - A Lightweight CAN Authentication Protocol for Security In-Vehicle-Networks
    Ahmed Hazem | Hossam A.H. Fahm
  • Signal-based Automotive Communication Security and its Interplay with Safety Requirements
    Glas | Guarjado | Hacioglu | Ihle | Wehefritz | Yavuz
  • Security Analysis of an Open Car Immobilizer Protocol Stack
    Tillich | Wojcik
  • Embedded Cryptography for Automotive Microcontrollers - Design Experience from a Semiconductor Manufacturer
    Schmidt | Wiewesiek
  • High-speed, high-security cryptography on ARMs
    Lange | Bernstein
  • Feasible Car Cyber Defense
    Levi | Litichever
  • A case study report on security testing of Bluetooth functionality in an automotive environment
    Jakob | Schulze | Haustein | Rath


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