Program Committee and Lectures - escar Europe 2015

Program Chair escar Europe 2015

  • Christof Paar, University of Bochum, Germany
  • Moritz Minzlaff, ESCRYPT GmbH, Germany

Program Committee

  • Henrik Broberg, Volvo, Sweden
  • José M. de Fuentes, Univ. Carlos III Mad., Spain
  • Martin Emele, ETAS GmbH, Germany
  • Achim Fahrner, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, Germany
  • Tom Forest, General Motors Research & Development, USA
  • Kevin Harnett, US Dep. of Transportation, USA
  • Albert Held, Daimler, Germany
  • Frank Kargl, University of Ulm, Germany
  • Tim Leinmüller, Denso Automotive GmbH, Germany
  • Brigitte Lonc, Renault, France
  • Hisashi Oguma, Toyota ITC Ltd., Japan
  • Jan Pelzl, Hochschule Hamm-Lippstadt, Germany
  • Stefan Römmele, Continental, Germany
  • Carsten Schmal, Audi AG, Germany
  • Elmar Schoch, Audi AG, Germany
  • Herbert Tschinkel, VW, Germany
  • Markus Ullmann, BSI & University of Applied Sciences Bonn Rhine-Sieg, Germany
  • André Weimerskirch, University of Michigan, USA
  • Richard Wimmer, BMW AG, Germany

Concept, Content and Organization

isits AG International School of IT Security
Janine Rosen & Birgitte Baardseth
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  • Cybersecurity for cars – Technologies and processes
    Dr. Albert Held
  • Automotive Product Security: A Tier 1 Supplier Perspective
    Dr. Achim Fahrner
  • Lessons Learned from the Cooperative ITS Corridor Project Rotterdem-Frankfurt-Vienna
    Prof. Dr. Markus Ullmann
  • Green Lights Forever: Analyzing the Security of Traffic Infrastructure
    Allen Hillaker
  • FBI and Cybersecurity
    Tom Winterhalter
  • Designing and Optimizing a Security Requirements Engineering Methodology with the Security Engineering System Model Core
    Hendrik Decke
  • Building an Automotive Vulnerability Database – Survey and Tools
    Jürgen Dürrwang
  • Don’t Fuss about Fuzzing: Fuzzing In-Vehicular Networks
    Stephanie Bayer
  • A Method for Disabling Malicious CAN Messages by Using a Centralized Monitoring and Interceptor ECU
    Yoshihiro Ujiie, Takeshi Kishikawa, Tomoyuki Haga, Hideki Matsushima, Tohru Wakabayashi, Masato Tanabe, Yoshihiko Kitamura and Jun Anzai
  • Applying Machine Learning for Anomaly Detection in CAN bus networks
    Harel Cain
  • Field Classification, Modeling and Anomaly Detection in Unknown CAN Bus Networks
    Moti Markovitz
  • SecGW - Secure Gateway for In-Vehicle Networks
    Ryo Kurachi
  • Identifier-Anonymized CAN: A practical solution to achieve real-time performance in the automotive network
    Andre Weimerskirch
  • Safety & Security: Synergies and Challenges of Integrity-protected Bus Communication
    Benjamin Glas
  • Secure and seamless integration of Software Over The Air (SOTA) update in modern car board net architectures
    Klaus Scheibert, Martin Klimke
  • Approaches for Secure and Efficient In-Vehicle Key Management
    Takeshi Sugashima, Dennis Kengo Oka
  • A Secure Update Architecture for High Assurance Mixed-Criticality System
    Don Kuzhiyelil
  • Common Security Flaws in Connected Cars Systems
    Yaron Galula
  • Securing the Connected Car: Creating Trust using a Defense in Depth Strategy and Hardware Trust Anchors
    Timo van Roermund

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