Program Committee and Lectures - escar USA 2014

Program Chair

  • Tom Forest, General Motors Research, USA
  • Kevin Harnett, Department of Transportation (DOT)/Volpe National Transportation Systems Center (VOLPE), USA
  • Christof Paar, University of Bochum, Germany / University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
  • André Weimerskirch, University of Michigan, USA
  • Lars Wolleschensky, ESCRYPT Inc., USA


  • Automotive Attaks - Present and Future
    Charlie Miller (Twitter) | Chris Valasek (IOActive)
  • Escar Update: Highlights from escar Europe and escar Asia
    Lars Wolleschensky (ESCRYPT) | Dennis-Kengo Oka (ESCRYPT)
  • Cybersecurity Guidebook for Cyber-Physical Automotive Systems
    Authors: Boran | Czemy | Siko | Anderson | Barber | Harnett | Westra
  • OCTANE: An Extensible Open Source Car Security Testbed
    Authors: Borazjani | Everett | Damon McCoy
  • Practical Real-Time Frame Authentification for In-Vehicule Networks
    Authors: Han | Potluri | Shin
  • Proof-of-Concept: Using Homomorphic Cryptography to Provide for Privacy in Modern Vehicular Environments
    Authors: Borsch | Poeppelmann | Paar | Wetzel
  • Attribute-based Encryption in Automobiles
    Authors: Anderson | Brooks
  • Understanding Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorder Information
    Johnson | Daily
  • The Path to Connected & Automated Systems
    John Capp (General Motors)
  • A Security Credential Management System for V2V Communications
    Roy Goudy (Camp VSC 3 VSCS Team)
  • Cybersecurity Research of Automative Safety-Critical Electronic Control Systems - Programm Overview
    Art Carter (DOT/NHTSA)
  • Using Formal Methods to Make more Secure Vehicles: An Update on DARPA's HACMS Program
    Kathleen Fisher (DARPA)
  • The National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
    Don Tobin (NIST NCCoE)
  • Goals and Expectations for Application of an Automotive Red Team
    John Sabean (Batelle Memorial Institute)
  • Hacking the Vehicular Network: Breaching the "Walls" of the ECU
    Uri Bear (Cisco)
  • An Analysis & Comparison of Hardware Security Modules for the Automotive Domain
    Stumpf | Pohl
  • Understanding Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorder Information
    Soja | Cotner

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