Program Committee and Lectures - escar USA 2015

Steering Committee

  • Tom Forest, General Motors Research, USA
  • Kevin Harnett, Department of Transportation (DOT)/Volpe National Transportation Systems Center (VOLPE), USA
  • Christof Paar, Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany / University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA
  • André Weimerskirch, UMTRI
  • Lars Wolleschensky, ESCRYPT Inc., USA

Program Committee

  • Brian Anderson, SwRI, USA
  • Lisa Boran, Ford, USA
  • Mark Brooks, SwRI, USA
  • Ryan Gerdes, Utah State University, USA
  • Jorge Guajardo, Robert Bosch Research and Technology Center, USA
  • Thorsten Hehn, Volkswagen of America, USA
  • Karl Heimer, AutoImmune, USA
  • Daniel Jiang, Mercedes Benz USA, USA
  • Di Jin, General Motors, USA
  • Damon McCoy, George Mason University, USA
  • Aleksey Nogin, HRL, USA
  • Hisashi Oguma, Toyota ITC Ltd., Japan
  • Anuja Sonalker, TowerSec, USA
  • Eric Thayer, AIS, USA
  • Mike Westra, Ford, USA
  • Wenyuan Xu, University of South Carolina, USA


escar Update

  • Highlights from escar Europe and escar Asia
    Lars Wolleschensky (ESCRYPT) | Dennis-Kengo Oka (ESCRYPT)


  • Alex Halderman (University of Michigan)
  • Medical Device Cybersecurity Issues Applicable for Automotive Cybersecurity
    Brian Fitzgerald (FDA)

Security Engineering

  • A Security Engineering Process for Automotive Embedded Systems - A Bosch Approach
    Priyamvadha Vembar (ETAS GmbH)

Automotive Vulnerabilities

  • Methods for Penetration Testing of Automotive Embedded Systems
    Yaron Galula (Argus Cyber Security) | Ofer Kapota (Argus Cyber Security)
  • Remote Control Automobiles
    Corey Thuen (Digital Bond Labs)

New Technologies

  • Remote Attestation of Heterogeneous Cyber-Physical Systems: The Automotive Use Case
    Karim El Defrawy (HRL Laboratories) | Gavin Holland (HRL Laboratories) | Gene Tsudik (UC Irvine)
  • Secure Gateway – A Concept for an In-Vehicle IP Network Bridging the Infotainment and the Safety-Critical Domains
    Jonas Berg (Semcon Sweden AB) | Jens Pommer (Semcon Sweden AB) | Chuan Jin (Semcon Sweden AB) | Fredrik Malmin (Semcon Sweden AB) | Johan Kristensson (Semcon Sweden AB)


  • Digital Forensics and Vehicle Systems
    Invited Talk: Ben LeMere (Berla Corporation)


  • Cyber Safety: Facts, Fiction and a 'Vehicle' for Collaboration
    Invited Talk: Beau Woods (I am the Cavalry)
  • AUTOSAR Security Modules: Current status
    Armin Happel (Vector Informatik GmbH) | Ralf Fritz (Vector Informatik GmbH) | Philipp Werner (Vector Informatik GmbH)
  • Building a Framework for Cybersecurity Information Sharing in the Automotive Industry
    Invited Talk: Paul Scullion (Association of Global Automakers)
  • Securing the Automobile: a Comprehensive Approach
    Lee Pike (Galois, Inc.) | Jamey Sharp (Galois, Inc.) | Mark Tullsen (Galois, Inc.) | Patrick Hickey (Galois, Inc.) | James Bielmen (Galois, Inc.)

Government Projects & Initiatives

  • Cybersecurity for Government Vehicles
    David Balenson (SRI) | Daniel Massey (DHS) | Kevin Harnett (DOT/VOLPE) | Ulf Lindqvist (SRI)
  • The Cybersecurity Framework for Critical Infrastructure And its Application to the Automotive Industry
    Suzanne Lightman (NIST)
  • Physical System Security: DoD-Sponsored UAV Prototype Use Case & Potential Applications to Automobiles
    Barry Horowitz (University of Virginia)

Secure Ecosystem

  • Next Generation Connected Vehicles and Their True Impact on the Ecosystem – A Cybersecurity Perspective
    Anuja Sonalker (TowerSec Automotive Cybersecurity)

Cybercrime Monetizing

  • Cybercrime Monetizing in other Critical Infrastructure (CI) Sectors
    Invited Talk: Thomas Winterhalter (FBI)
  • Considering Hacker Motivations for Cost-Effective Security
    Avigail Gutman (Cisco) | Ted Rose (Cisco)

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