As a management consulting company, we help firms in the automotive industry translate their ideas and innovative solutions into technology on four wheels. Our speciality is electronics development and our job is to share and foster software know-how on a variety of levels. To this end, we combine our detailed understanding of technology issues with long-standing expertise in order to match workflows and the business structures of development functions to new tasks, thus preparing teams for new kinds of challenges.

As pioneers of automotive electronics, we’re always at the leading edge in managing the increasingly complexity of electronics development. We continually find answers to new challenges in areas such as process maturity, functional safety, conformability and cybersecurity. One way or another, we have been dealing with these challenges since 1994. Our broad portfolio of customers spans the entire supply chain. This allows us to look at the industry from a variety of angles and think in terms of what is expected by the customers of our customers. We then provide our customers with close support in pinpointing and implementing suitable solutions. This approach has empowered us to succeed in development functions worldwide, for vehicle manufacturers, their suppliers, software companies and semiconductor producers – in short, in all areas requiring software know-how with a bearing on connected vehicles.

The key to our success is a close understanding of our customers. We have been working with a large number of them for many years, building relationships based on strong trust. This mutual respect and reliability has allowed us to lay a foundation for learning from one another and growing together. We combine this approach with our expertise in understanding the requirements of new technology and working with customers to improve the output of their development processes.

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