About Olympus Sky

Olympus Sky debuts their Organically Derived Security Protocol (ODSP) suite, an innovative Zero-Knowledge Key Management solution designed specifically for high-scale Automotive and IoT.

With car hacking worries mounting, ODSP provides simpler, smarter and stronger automotive cybersecurity. The ODSP approach counters top-heavy legacy key management systems with an autonomous peer-to-peer solution where keys are independently constructed and managed at the end points. This reduces the Threat Surface substantially, eliminates certificate management overhead, enhances ECU to ECU secure communications and lowers factory costs thru ease of provisioning and deployment.

Organically Derived Security Protocol (ODSP) is all about:

  • Zero-Knowledge Authentication: No certificate management
  • High-Scale Architecture: Grows without exponential KMS cost
  • Agnostic Encryption: Supports all encyption standards
  • Self-Monitoring: Less moving parts and Threat Surface reduced
  • Self-Healing: Resilience thru packet level detection, end point remediation

Come see a demo of Olympus Sky's Zero-Knowledge approach and see why "what you don't know can help you."

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