About SafeRide - escar conference sponsor

SafeRide Technologies Ltd. - Anomaly Uncovering and Cyber Threat Prevention Solutions for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

SafeRide is a leading provider of anomaly uncovering and cyber threat prevention solution for connected and autonomous vehicles. The company’s unique software secures the operations of connected vehicle applications and harnesses the untapped ocean of hints that lay in seemingly disconnected sources of in-vehicle data, to uncover unknown anomalies, threats and insights systematically, and at scale.

The holistic solution includes an in-vehicle cybersecurity suite for real-time, multi-layer granular protection and unmediated monitoring of vehicle applications and networks, an AI machine-learning & deep learning framework for discovering the onset of unknown threats and anomalies, and a cloud layer for real time security alerts, updates and remediation of new incipient risks and problems.

Offering holistic security for today’s and tomorrow’s threats and enabling safety & operational efficiency, SafeRide provides automotive vendors including T1 Suppliers and OEMs with the means to lead the connected vehicle revolution and the freedom to develop differentiated vehicle applications with complete peace of mind.


Internet: saferide.io